Spiritual Contact With Benevolent Space Family


                                        LUIS FERNANDO MOSTAJO MAERTENS

                                                             LA PAZ – BOLIVIA

Luis Fernando Mostajo Maertens was born in Cochabamba, Bolivia on January 20th, 1964. He is considered one of the most important E.T-contacts of our times. He has experienced many physical encounters with his extraterrestrial guides, who have given him direct guidance and assistance since he was 1977, when he had his first contact experience at the age of 13.

He began to share his experiences and knowledge by giving Contact Preparation courses and talks on the subject in many different countries such as ARGENTINA, CHILE, PERU, PARAGUAY, EL SALVADOR, HONDURAS, COSTA RICA, MEXICO, THE UNITED STATES, CANADA, SPAIN, ENGLAND, ITALY, FRANCE, THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, BRAZIL, ECUADOR and BOLIVIA.

He has written and published 5 books, in which he shares the nature of his E.T. contact experiences and the great awakening message he received from them for these times. ONE OF HIS BOOKS IS ALREADY AN INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER!

Luis is one of the few E.T. contactees who have demonstrated that his experiences are real by inviting members of the press, some of whom work for TASS Agency, to watch “programmed U.F.O. sightings”.

He has been prepared as an Instructor in inner-development techniques at a physical, mental and spiritual level - giving courses on the conscientious use of energy and on Xolar Initiation. He has promoted the creation of the Continental Platform with preparation centers in Mount Shasta (U.S.A), Copan (Honduras) and Lake Titicaca (Bolivia).

This project is motivated by my sincere desire to share the wonderful teachings of the Great White Brotherhood and the Cosmic guides. Most of my life has been filled with a deep spiritual calling and this summer of 2015, I was blessed to bring two groups to Bolivia to meet Luis Maertens for a Solar Initiation on The Island of the Sun.

Our experiences were so profound and Luis’s information is so important for lightworkers that I am now dedicated to seeing that all 5 of his books are translated into English. He has 5 amazing books detailing his physical contacts for over 45 years.

I recommend you get all 5 of his books, as you will learn much from them. The wisdom shared in each book is truly transformative. These books detail Luis’s journeys to Ganeymeade - an artificial moon orbiting Jupiter - as well as his contacts with The Great White Brotherhood - contact which continues to this day.

Luis spent 3 days inside the Illampu Mountain retreat in the Temple of purity. The conversations and teachings from the masters are deep, moving, and profound. His journey beneath the waters of Lake Titicaca and his meeting with the Masters Soriam and Soromez in the presence of the Golden Disk of the Sun are inspiring to all who seek the light.

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